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April 24, 2014 Pop Culture: Let’s Go To The Movies

Inspiration is everywhere…or at least shopping inspiration. We took a little trip through the hottest movies at the box office this week, and chose some chic looks inspired by these flicks. 

Pop some popcorn and get ready for some film-heavy fashion…


Black leather and action adventure…we’re in. Who cares that it’s for teens…right?


Rich colors dominate Rio 2, and now we’re going to need to re-invigorate our wardrobe with the same eye-popping tones.


Get your sporty girl look on…well, as much as this killer bomber jacket from Phillip Lim will allow. You may be more set up for a night out than a football game, but you’ll intercept a lot more jealous looks in this jacket than a jersey.


Survive the floods of spring with this flowing, draped number by Chloe. Ark not included.


Celebrate America and all things red, white, and blue with this Alexander McQueen bodycon dress. We do not encourage fighting villains in this ensemble due to the curve-hugging attributes, but you may be able to flirt your way out of a fight. 

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April 23, 2014 Fashion In-N-Out: Thakoon

//We started Material Wrld because we were looking for a better way to refresh our closets season after season. Consignment had become exhausting, waiting to get paid for our pieces. Our Fashion In-N-Out highlights the whole trade-in process of REAL MW clients from selling to our picks for what they should buy next! //

Here are a few of our favorite Thakoon treasures that have been mailed-in to us here at Material Wrld…and then the instant gift card payouts that were rewarded!


Since our MW clients now have gift cards burning a hole in their pockets, it’s time to shop NEW with Thakoon! Here are our favorite pieces available now at Shopbop:


Get your hands on these selections and more, request a free mail-in kit today from Material Wrld!

April 21, 2014 1 note MW Traveller: Portland, OR

Ah it’s time to start planning your spring/summer vacay, and while there’s no place like home, we want to do a little adventuring. To inspire your next trip, we’ve popped over to Portland, OR in the heart of the NW to scope out some of their best shops and where to grab some great grub. Indulge in some fresh clean air, enjoy the towering forests, and then…pick up a pair of Acne wedges. Now THAT’S what we call vacation. 

Here are our 3 favorite Portland boutiques (and 1 resto to try!): 


1) Frances May

Brand Favorites: MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, Suno, A.P.C

MW Insider Tip: No need to wonder when that A.P.C. blouse is going to go on sale…Frances May has a handy blog where you can get behind the scenes updates, new introductions, and sale announcements. Check it out, HERE

Where: 1013 SW Washington St. Portland OR 97205 


2) Odessa

Brand Favorites: Isabel Marant, Chloe, and Kerry Cassil linens.

MW Insider Tip: Don’t expect to find a huge sneak preview of what’s in store, online. You’re going to have to drop by to see all the heart-stopping styles at Odessa. 

Where: 410 SW 13th Ave Portland, OR 97205


3) Una

Brand Favorites: RODEBJER, Jewels by AESA, and shoes by A DETACHER

MW Insider Tip: It’s not just clothes at Una, shop everything from jewelry to even some home items. They ALSO have a blog that will inspire your new spring look ASAP, and probably create some problems for your clothing budget. 

Where: 922 SE Ankeny St Portland, OR 97214


4) Angel Face

What to Order: Get your aphrodisiac on and indulge in a dozen, freshly-shucked oysters, served alongside a cool crisp libation…pretty much summer summed up!

MW Insider Tip: The highly-celebrated barman, Kelley Swenson will DIY your drink if you want…who doesn’t want someone to custom make your cocktail based on your mood? DIY minus the Pinterest…we’re sold. (Also, that hand painted wallpaper…we are dying!)

Where: 14 NE 28TH Ave, Portland OR 97232

April 18, 2014 1 note RETAIL THERAPY: Trend Alert for MESH!

// RETAIL THERAPY: We started Material Wrld because we thought the clothing resale process could get so much easier, but more importantly…we love to shop “new” sans the guilt. For this week’s Retail Therapy, we’re clicking our way on over to Shopbop to share our favorite new shopping trend. //

Mesh lately has shown up everywhere from the red carpet to the runway, so it’s time we wipe our minds of the fishnet body con dresses of the early 90’s club scene and get to know the NEW look of mesh. Some of our very favorite new spring mesh pieces also luckily happen to reside at one of our gift card retailers, Shopbop.

Here are our favorites:



All of our favorite girls are wearing the trend…but who wore it best?

To see all these looks and more, visit Shopbop online HERE. And to get more shopping funds fast, visit Material Wrld and request a mail-in clothing kit today!

April 16, 2014 MW Mixtape: April Flowers (Please No Showers)


LISTEN NOW——->  APRIL FLOWERS (please no showers) by MATERIAL WRLD 

//Track List//

  1. Say You’ll Be There by MØ
  2. Boyfriend by Best Coast
  3. See by Tycho
  4. West Coast by Lana Del Ray
  5. Sweet Ophelia by Zelia Day
  6. Warpath by Ingrid Michaelson
  7. Fever by The Black Keys
  8. Partition by Beyonce
  9. It Girl by Pharrell Williams
  10. Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage
  11. Cough Syrup (Ra Ra Riot Remix) by Young the Giant
  12. Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub
  13. My SIlver Lining by First Aid Kit
  14. Red Eye by Kid Cudi/Haim
April 14, 2014 HOW TO: 10 Tips For Wearing Shoes Without Socks


You arrive dressed in full spring outfit amazingness to your friends’ dinner party and then the dreaded question comes…”Hey, would you mind taking off your shoes?” WHAT?!

You’ve got your favorite flats on, and you know what is to come upon removal. That sweet sweet smell of no-sock season is here…and you’re horrified. ::Cue praying that the host is serving cabbage salad, french onion soup, or something containing kimchi::

 Have no fear, this doesn’t have to be you, and no, you don’t have to resort to wearing only shoes that accommodate no-show socks.

Yes, we’re getting intimate here, just commit. 

 1) It’s Time For Insoles: This might sound like something your parents would’ve suggested, but really, insoles can change your world. Not only can they control odor but when they wear out, toss them, invest another $5, and instantly renew your shoes. Buy the cut-to-size option and secure the bottom side with a little Hollywood Fashion Tape and you’re set to go!

 2) Metallics…Back for Spring and Summer: Here’s a very shiny trick…silver shoe linings contain actual silver in them and inhibit the growth of the bacteria that emit odors. Try Silver Linings by Chu Shu NY. 

 3) Freeze Out: Remember talking about why putting your jeans in the freezer was a good idea? Same reasoning applies here. Kill odors and bacteria by leaving shoes overnight, right next to those leftovers (from that one time you cooked) that you SWORE you would reheat someday. Just a tip though, throw the shoes in a large plastic Ziploc bag beforehand to prevent sidewalk germs from making a home in your freezer. 

 4) Spin Cycle: If your shoes are made of canvas or another water-safe material, throw them in the washer with some mild detergent. If the insert is removable, separate it and throw it into the same wash cycle. Let them sit (outside if possible), and make sure they are bone dry before the next wear.

5) Powder…Not Just For Your Face This Spring: Baby powder, talcum powder, or Gold Bond should be part of your footwear routine during warm months. It’ll help keep moisture from being produced in the first place. And no, Laura Mercier does not make foot powder…YET.

 6) Don’t Blame Your Shoes: Ladies, we spend endless amounts of time researching obscure Japanese hair oil treatments (oh is that just me?)…but we don’t pay enough attention to our own feet in the shower. Grab a bar of anti-microbial soap and scrub away. Warm water and rogue shampoo suds are just not enough!

 7) Switch Up Your Deodorant Routine: Yes, we are going to put some THERE. Swipe the bottoms of your feet with a stick of deodorant (let’s invest in a separate stick from your underarm routine) to stay fresh and dry all day long. 

8) Go On A Break: Take day or three breaks with your footwear, not only will you give them time to breathe, but you’ll make the best use of your growing shoe closet. 

9) Get Back To Nature: While these are usually reserved for our male counterparts, we’ve gotta steal a tip from the gents…cedar shoe trees are a great answer for footwear woes. Not only do they deodorize and wick away moisture, but they also help floppy shoes retain their shape. 

10) Know When To Say Goodbye: We know it’s hard, but sometimes, it’s time to get rid of a pair rather than try to revive. If the investment of time and potential embarrassment costs more than a new pair, it might be time to ditch the old and get shopping. 

For more helpful tips on how to renew your closet for instant shopping funds, visit us at Material Wrld, HERE. 

April 11, 2014

//To help in organizing your life and helping with the dreaded closet-cleanout, here are some more helpful tips for when to mail/trade-in your goods with Material Wrld, and when it’s best to take your items on over to your neighborhood thrift shop! //

When to Thrift: 
  • If you’ve got a closet full of mass market treasures like J. Crew, Uniqlo, H&M, and Zara.
  • Get higher payouts for denim names like J. Brand and Current Elliott…they’re gems in a sea of GAP jeans at a thrift store!

  • If you’ve got leggings and tees from higher-end contemporary brands to get rid of, thrift is your best outlet.
  • Vintage items gain higher ticket values at thrift stores where shoppers are looking for both new and vintage finds.

  • Your options are endless as thrift stores have no limits on what brands they accept, so if you need to get rid of a wide variety of merchandise, thrifting can be the best avenue.
When to Trade-In:
  • If you’ve got specialty denim from brands like Rag and Bone, A.P.C., and Acne…trade-in is your best value as these limited runs of product retain high resale values and are highly sought after. 
  • Your best bet when trading-in contemporary fashions from brands like Helmut Lang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, A.L.C., and Tibi are in the dresses and tops categories.

  • When you have in-season merchandise (or the coming season), expect higher payouts and get the most value for your trade-ins. 
  • Just one benefit of trading-in is that we sell to a much wider audience looking for particular brands and items, whereas thrift retailers are highly driven by location trends and the habits of their local customers. (i.e. your A.P.C. jacket may be lost in translation in the rural midwest).

  • Don’t waste your highest-end designer items on thrift stores where your last season Prada will be hung in between your grandma’s sweater and an Old Navy tank top. Huge payouts can come from designer trade-ins like Celine, The Row, & Givenchy.
  • Are your items pretty recent purchases? The closer your items are to the current season, the higher the payouts from trading-in, especially within 5 years or less.

  • We know you’re busy and the last thing you want to do in your off-duty hours is to trek to the thrift or consignment shop and wait for an appraisal. Trading-in with Material Wrld is so easy, you don’t even have to leave the house and all the rest is handled via your inbox…even your instant gift card payouts!

Request a FREE KIT today from Material Wrld and say hello to instant shopping funds. 

April 9, 2014 1 note Dream Closet: Cara Delevingne


Do not call CARA DELEVINGNE an ” IT GIRL”. Don’t compare her to past icons. Don’t describe her as the “next big thing”. You’ll be on her bad-side pretty quickly, that way. And we can’t totally blame her…because she truly is, just Cara. 

A great conundrum of a human…brash, impossibly irreverent, yet totally modelesque, and devoted to her family and friends. In an interview with, she reveals that she sees herself as more of an actress than anything else, even when she’s modeling. But modeling is not the be-all, end-all for Ms. Delevingne…no, she’s now implanted herself firmly in the world of acting and soon, the music industry…backed up by the one and only, Pharrell Williams. 

Williams tells the Standard UK: 

“I think Cara is much bigger than everyone’s expectations. There are whispers out there about music and movies, but I think at the end of the day, what people should focus in on is not these specific projects, but on her spirit.”….“Because trust me - the films will only get better, the parts only get bigger, the music only gets better, the modeling only gets better. But her spirit is becoming refined and she’s becoming refined and it’s another chapter in her life. We’re happy to say this is family now. So there’s going to be some really cool things.”


Her off-duty style (and trust us, she’s rarely off-duty considering she’s the most sought after face in the industry) is ever-changing, and just like her personality, you’ll never know what to expect. If we could guess why we can’t get enough of Cara, it would be that she’s 100% herself at all times. She’s the goofy girl who also happens to be exceptionally stunning, and who knew that we could feel aspirational about brows?

But the most inviting and inspiring thing about her is, that she just doesn’t seem to care about all the hype. She’s too busy being Cara.

Cara Delevingne on what’s important:

“That’s the important thing you need in this business, good family and friends. It really is.”

To read an exceptional interview with Cara, check out HERE. To learn how to get your own Dream Closet, visit us HERE.

***Photos courtesy of We Heart It

April 8, 2014 New and Next: TOTALLY 80’s UPDATE


We couldn’t believe our ears when word on the street was the totally 80’s trend of denim skirts were coming back this season. Immediately, we were washed over with bad memories of acid wash, pleated fronts, and tragic styling choices…and oh, the hairspray. 

But have no fear Material Wrld readers, yes the trend is back, but with a lot less aerosol and a lot more simplicity. The new crop of denim skirts this season seems to be sleek and dare we say, a sophisticated option for any well-balanced wardrobe. The silhouettes are slimmer than their 80’s counterparts and are offered in your classic shapes: pencil, mini, and midi…all in grown-up washes that flatter. 

So go forth, and channel your inner Madonna…just go with caution and beware of the white boot pairing shown above.