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September 24, 2014 HOW TO: 5 Tips on Buying an Investment Bag


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September 23, 2014 Inside Our Wrld: Steven Alan Trade-In Kickoff Event

We don’t think there’s anything better than shopping new, so you can imagine our excitement when we partnered up with Steven Alan as a NEW gift card option for our Material Wrld trade-in clients. 


To celebrate this joyous news, we co-hosted a kick-off event at the Steven Alan Annex in Tribeca this weekend! The three day celebration allowed clients to bring their designer fashions and trade-in on the spot for instant Steven Alan gift cards. No waiting for a quote…just shopping new fall fashions in the store, minutes later.


So you missed the event? No worries. The good news is that now we’ve added Steven Alan as one of our permanent gift card retailers, so when you trade in you’ll be able to choose out of 4 options (Shopbop, Saks, Bloomies, and now STEVEN ALAN) for where you wanna buy NEW! 

Trade-in to shop NEW, find out more from Material Wrld, HERE. 

September 19, 2014 Dream Closet: Zoe Saldana


Things we are looking for in a best friend: sassy spitfire personality, prefers fun over the overtly serious, and a crazy-amazing closet to borrow from. Well, according to this list, it totally makes sense for us to be BFF’s with our Dream Closet of the day, Zoe Saldana.

And trust us, you want Saldana on your side…she’s fierce in more ways than the obvious and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. But beyond the fierce attitude and perfectly sinewy frame, Zoe is focused on family, working hard and keeping things solid with husband, Marco Perego and her tight knit NY-based family. Not only has she consistently starred in blockbuster films since 2000, but also is a savvy business woman who owns an LA-based production company with her sisters, CineStar Productions AND is the hottest face of L’Oreal cosmetics. People, she does it all. 

Her style is always sleek and sophisticated…with a slight futuristic thread that runs through many of her ensembles. Saldana rarely has a red-carpet “miss” and her street style almost rivals her on-camera look. With a face and body that reads more like a model than an actress, Saldana is one to keep on watching, because she’s just getting started. image

To get your very own Dream Closet, trade in your designer fashions with Material Wrld and get instant shopping funds to refresh your wardrobe. 

September 15, 2014 MW Traveller: Best Handbag Shopping

We here at Material Wrld want to always be sure to provide you with the best shopping tips and tricks…in a city near you. In honor of launching our handbag program last month, we’re bringing you the best places to buy your new fall splurge-worthy bag, in 5 of our FAVORITE cities.




Brand Favorites: Givenchy, FENDI, Valentino

MW Insider Tip: Fashion doesn’t have to take things so seriously…hence why Kirna Zabete is one of our fave NYC spots. Their take on buying revolves around high fashion with a good sense of whimsy. Shopping here reminds us that fashion is all about fun. 

Where: 477 Broome St. NY, NY 10013 (212) 941-9656 


//Los Angeles//


Brand Favorites: 3.1 Phillip Lim + Alexander Wang + rag and bone

MW Insider Tip: With locations from here to Tokyo, Ron Herman has their finger on the pulse of all things luxe. Visit their stores and experience not only amazing fashion, but incredible store design. Also, for a little more inspiration and updates, check out their Tumblr blog, HERE. 

Where: 8100 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, California 90046 (323) 651-4129


//San Francisco//


Brand Favorites: Valentino + Alexander McQueen

MW Insider Tip: There’s no surprise that everyone is talking about CURVE. Check out their impressive press page to learn more about how this retail store is rocking the fashion world, HERE. 

Where: 2360 Fillmore St San Francisco, CA 94115 (415) 885-4200




Brand Favorites: Proenza Schouler + CELINE + Chanel

MW Insider Tip: Where do you go when you want to take in some art, have a light lunch, and shop high-end designer clothing and bags? IKRAM. With an art gallery, full service cafe, and both a home and clothing store…they’ve literally left us no choice but to move in permanently. 

Where: 15 East Huron Street Chicago, Illinois 60611 (312) 587-1000




Brand Favorites: Fendi + Lanvin + Chloe

MW Insider Tip: Sometimes, you just need to feel really fancy. Head over to Stanley Korshak for a dose of old school luxury and a taste of what shopping for fine goods should feel like. Don’t be upset when you get the best service of your life, and then every other shopping experience feels just so basic from then on out. 

Where: 500 Crescent Court Suite 100 Dallas, Texas 75201 (214) 871-3600

To learn more about how to trade in your designer handbags for instant shopping funds, check out MW here. 


Calling all NYC ladies- We’ve teamed up with our friends at STEVEN ALAN to offer another great way to refresh! Come by STEVEN ALAN ANNEX Tribeca Store with the designer fashions you are no longer wearing, and earn exclusive gift cards to shop new. It’s so good we’re doing it all weekend long!


We’ll be accepting Women’s clothing from 130 designer brands, styles within 5 years & handbags from 29 designer brands, styles within 10 years. 

RSVP here and get cleaning. See you all next weekend!

September 10, 2014 1 note How To: 5 Questions To Ask When Refreshing Your Handbag Collection


The 5 Essential Questions To Ask When Refreshing Your Handbag Collection:

  1. Have I used this bag in the last year or if it somehow fell into closet oblivion, would I even notice? If a bag hasn’t been lovingly used in one full calendar year, it’s not providing you a great return on investment (or closet space!) 
  2. Does it transition from day-to-night? And yes ladies, this applies to clutches too (pro-tip: carry your clutches during the day for a spiced-up day look.) No one needs 6 jeweled minaudieres hanging around taking up space…
  3. Hey wait, is this bag still my style? That super preppy look you experimented with last Fall might not fit in with the modern boho vibe you’re going for these days. Don’t be afraid to swap your handbag styles like you rotate your closet. 
  4. Let’s say you’re perusing your favorite store, would you rebuy this bag? If not, it’s time to let it go and then…GO SHOPPING.
  5. We’ve all been there, you buy the most happening purse and then realize, that literally you can carry a credit card OR your driver’s license, but not both. And forget your iPhone or a lipstick. Ask yourself, does it actually function as a handbag?  

Now here’s the biggest question of all…what do you do with the bags you need to get rid of without hassle or guilt? That’s where we come in. Our new handbag trade-in program is here to save the day (and your closet space). And best of all, get instant shopping funds to Shopbop, Saks, or Bloomingdale’s when you trade in with Material Wrld. 

Well, I guess you can teach an old bag new tricks. 

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September 8, 2014 HOW TO: 7 Tips for Storing + Organizing Your Handbags


1. Stuff your purses with white tissue paper or old white t-shirts to retain their shape and prevent crushing. 

2. Resist the urge to throw out the duster bags that came with your purse, try and always store bags within to avoid dust damage, color transfer from other items, and sun damage.

3. Install “S” hooks in the top of your closet to hang totes and long handled bags, but make sure bags are empty when storing to reduce un-needed weight on the handle. If the handle is delicate wrap the hook with fabric or bubble wrap before hanging.

4. Repurpose a hanging shoe rack to store small bags like clutches and minaudieres. You’re not only using wasted vertical space, but you can also see all your options easily on your way out on the town!

5. ALWAYS remove all items from your bag before you store them away. That harmless stick of Extra Winterfresh will inevitably become a ball of gummy-meltedness and will ruin the lining of your bag. 

6. Kill two birds with one stone and use a storage bench or wooden chest as additional seating AND a perfect handbag storage unit. 

7. Sort through your handbag collection each time you add to it. If you haven’t used a bag in a year, think about purging it. An easy way to get instant rewards for your handbags is our NEW bag trade-in program at MW.

September 3, 2014 What’s Hot at Material Wrld: Fresh Fall Handbag Picks!
Have you heard about our NEW Material Wrld Handbag program? We are currently accepting over 30 brands…see them HERE. 
For a little fall fashion inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite handbags trends for the upcoming season…
The first trend we are loving at the Material Wrld office is all about texture! This season’s hottest bags feature everything from slick patent leathers, rich animal embossing, intricate weaves, and nubby fabrics that evoke opulence with every wear. Keep textured bags in deep or neutral colors…when venturing into the vivid color spectrum you can risk your NEW handbag looking less than luxurious. 
Our second trend seems to break all Fashion 101 rules…but ladies, it’s time to wear white after Labor Day. These crisp clean bags add a polished look to any ensemble and work all the way through winter. For a groundbreaking fall look, pair one of these white bags with an outfit composed of whites and creams, and accent the look with one jewel-toned piece, such as an oxblood-tone belt or emerald blazer. You’ll instantly feel pulled together and ready for the fresh, fall season. 
For more information about our MW Handbag program and how you can get instant shopping funds, check out Material Wrld HERE. 
September 2, 2014 What’s NEW at Material Wrld! September Edition

// Each month in our “What’s NEW! at MW”, we highlight our newly-accepted designers we are looking to take at the moment. We’re always adding to our “accepted brand list”, constantly expanding the range of items you can trade-in. Basically, this means a newly organized closet for you and more funds to get those Fall pieces you’ve been craving.//




New to MW for July:

Some things to remember when trading in at Material Wrld:

It’s a new season…time to trade-in and shop NEW. Request your free MW kit, HERE. 

August 28, 2014 MW Snapshot: 3.1 Phillip Lim


Today’s MW Snapshot is this ultra-dreamy Phillip Lim frock. We’re convinced this maribou-feathered sequined cocktail dress is THE perfect party dress. Our Material Wrld client received a whopping $54 dollars on this trade-in and instantly got a gift card to her choice of retailer, including Saks, Bloomingdales, and Shopbop. 

Today’s MW Snapshot Trade-In: $54

For more info on how you can get instant shopping funds, check out Material Wrld HERE.