Closet inspirations from around the wrld

August 18, 2014 MW Traveller: BOSTON

Just a short hop, skip, and jump from our home-base in NYC, is Boston…and before you think we’re going 100% prep on you, take a peek at our 5 favorite shopping destinations.

We can almost guarantee it would be worth the trip from NYC…


KM Hudson

Brand Favorites: With over 3000 bras in store, we can’t just pick a few!

MW Insider Tip: As much as we are concerned with our outerwear, KM Hudson reminds us that our “girls” should also be dressed to perfection. Drop in for a personalized bra fitting and one of KM Hudson’s helpful staff will find you the ideal undergarments, not matter what your size…be gone beige boring bras!

Where: 125 Charles St. Boston, MA 02114 (617) 624-9620


Dress Boston

Brand Favorites: Loeffler Randall, Steven Alan, A.P.C., and Current/Elliot

MW Insider Tip: This perfectly curated boutique will forever prove that Boston goes beyond just prep. Check out the wide selection of clothing, shoes, and jewels while strolling down shopper’s paradise, Charles St. 

Where: 70 Charles Street Boston, MA 02114 (617) 248-9910



Brand Favorites: DVF, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch

MW Insider Tip: Fashion girls know that no ensemble is complete without an incredible shoe. For an added bonus, check out their blog where they craft inspiration from within the store…making shopping even easier. 

Where: 51 Charles Street Boston, MA 02114 (617) 557-9991


Louis Boston

Brand Favorites: Jason Wu, Balenciaga, and too many others to name

MW Insider Tip: Louis is not a store, it’s an experience. Situated on Boston’s Fan Pier, this serious locale boasts a wild view and a totally new shopping experience. Louis has been around since 1925…but don’t let that trick you into thinking their style might be old-fashioned. The store features items on the cutting edge of what’s happening in design. 

Where: 60 Northern Ave. Boston MA 02210 (617) 262-6100


Tess and Carlos

Brand Favorites: Hache, Samantha Sung, and Joshi

MW Insider Tip: To satisfy your inner bohemian, visit Tess and Carlos. With lines spanning from France to local Boston designers, you’ll be sure to find something new and fresh! Check out their robust facebook page for updates and new arrivals, HERE. 

Where: 20 Brattle St. Cambridge, MA (617) 864-8377

August 15, 2014 1 note Closet Close Up: Sonali Vanjani


//Meet Sonali, a NJ native turned NYC gal on-the-go. She’s in International Merchandising at Coach…hello dream job. Sonali sent in some amazing items and we had to know more about her and share the items she sent in with our fellow Material Wrld clients, so we sat down to chat.//

MW: So Sonali, some of the best TV and movies are inspiring our wardrobes these days and most of them are set in non-modern time periods..which time period is most inspiring to you and why?
SV: The 1920’s. I love a good dress, and a standout piece.  That era just seemed to exude fun, fancy, sparkly dresses, all adorned with goodies.

MW: Yes please! Not to mention the amazing hair. Alright so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.  In 5 words, how would you describe your style?
SV: Well-balanced - Subtle, yet Bold. Feminine, yet refined Tailored, yet playful. - That’s more than 5 words…

MW: Your style game is obviously on point, but fill us in…what’s your can’t live without beauty product? 
SV: My Dior Blackout Mascara!

MW: If you had to give one piece of advice to yourself at 17, what would it be? 
SV: To Travel and not only see the world, but live and work abroad at a young age.  With age, comes responsibilities and you can’t just take off without having everything in check.

MW: Let’s dish, what’s your biggest guilty pleasure?
SV: Sundays are for re-run episodes of Game of Thrones

MW: Your guilty pleasure has a lot less calories than ours does. (laughing) When you’re out and about, what’s the biggest style faux-pas you see and can’t stand?
SV: Men in oversized suits.

MW:  Oh the pleated front pants…chills just thinking about it. Anyway, what are your favorite NYC spots?
SV: I love italian, the west village and old school restaurants - Babbo!

MW: And your non-negotiable weekend activity
SV: Yoga and a walk through the Union Square Green Market
                          SONALI’S TOTAL TRADE IN VALUE: $98

MW: Finally, what new piece did you snag with the gift card your earned from your Material Wrld trade?
SV: Spent it already on Shopbop for a Rag & Bone Navy Blazer.  Such a classic piece to wear in Spring and Winter.
"Very easy, friendly and efficient process.  A nice way to clean out the closet and get some nice surprises for it!"
-Sonali on her Material Wrld experience 
Have your own Closet Close Up moment and trade-in your designer fashions with Material Wrld, visit us here. 
August 13, 2014 BIG NEWS! Material Wrld + Dress For Success Join Forces For Fashion

What could be better than cleaning out your closet AND doing good for ladies who need a helping hand with their professional wardrobe? We here at Material Wrld are SO excited to announce our new partnership with a non-profit organization committed to empowering women with fashion and so much more, Dress for Success®.


From today through Monday, September 15th, 2014, we will be offering our Valet (we come to you!) service for Manhattan residents as well as our signature pre-paid mail in service nationwide for trade-ins. As usual, you’ll receive a gift card to your choice of Saks, Bloomingdales, or Shopbop for the trade-in value of your items, but here’s the kicker…. your choice to donate items we could not accept for tax credit will help empower women in need and we’ll be matching your contribution with $10 for each trade-in we issue a gift card for. 

“While shopping new fashion is a fun and rewarding experience, women often think of cleaning out their closets as a chore with resale as a time-consuming and painful experience. We wanted to change this by offering a unique experience that makes women feel great when they are upgrading their closets. We are excited to partner with Dress for Success since we strongly believe in their mission, and are working towards the same goals to upgrade closets and empower women to feel great about themselves,”

-Rie Yano, co-founder of Material Wrld.


Material Wrld is committed to supporting Dress for Success’s efforts to “upgrade the closets” of women and provide them with career development tools to reenter the workforce with confidence and dignity. Our #GetAndGive campaign, goes from now through September 15, 2014, so start sending in your items or if you’re in NYC, schedule a MW Valet pickup HERE.    

“We are grateful to Material Wrld for providing our supporters with an easier way to give—and for giving us a greater opportunity to get more women back to work.”

-Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

***Also, we invite our Instagram community to upload images of their “favorite feel good outfit” with the hashtag #getandgive and tag @materialwrld. For every Instagram image, Material Wrld will donate $1 to Dress for Success!***
Visit to learn more about the campaign.
August 11, 2014 Material Wrld + Bin It: Making Your Move Less Painful


Cue the moment of panic when you realize that you have to move in NYC. In the summer. And clean out your closet. 

Have no fear ladies, Material Wrld is here to make your move less painful. Moving is the perfect time to clean out your closet, so you’re not spending time and energy moving items you no longer want. 

We’re passionate about refreshing your closet. Well, our new partner Bin It has the same passion about making moving simple and less of a headache. One of the most annoying parts of moving is the process of hunting down boxes, hauling them to your new spot, and then getting rid of the impending cardboard mountain that will soon take over your new living room.

With a few clicks, Bin It will deliver reusable bins directly to your place, then you pack them up at your leisure and simply schedule a pick up when you’ve moved. After the unpacking process is done, they’ll pick up the bins and you don’t have to deal with any of the clean up.


So here’s the clincher, for a limited time, you can designate one of your bins for packing up the designer fashions you no longer wear. This particular bin will be sent over to the Material Wrld office when they pick up your emptied bins, with no other effort on your part. We will then offer you a gift card to Saks, Bloomingdales, or Shopbop (your choice!) and will donate anything we can’t accept to Dress for Success. 

Imagine that…your move is easier, your closet is cleaner, and you’ve got instant shopping funds for a post-move treat. 

Check out Bin It, HERE.

August 7, 2014 1 note What’s HOT! at Material Wrld

// Each month in our “What’s HOT! at MW”, we highlight types of items we are looking for in particular (i.e. higher trade-in value for you when trading in)! Basically, it’s a great excuse to trade-in and get shopping for fall.//




For August trade-in’s, we’re looking for the following killer styles, but of course all items are welcome as long as they are in quality condition and live on our accepted brand list (updates monthly!):

Request a free Material Wrld kit NOW and get instant shopping funds, including all the above pieces chosen from Bloomingdale’s!

August 4, 2014 What’s NEW! at Material Wrld: August Edition

// Each month in our “What’s NEW! at MW”, we highlight our newly-accepted designers we are hunting down at the moment. We’re always adding to our “accepted brand list”, constantly expanding the range of items you can trade-in. Basically, this means a cleaner closet and more funds to get those Fall pieces you’ve been dying to grab before the season starts.//


New to MW for July:


Remember these tips when trading in at Material Wrld:

Fund that Fall wardrobe NOW. Request your free MW kit, HERE. 

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July 31, 2014 MW Event Folio: Summer Social!

Tuesday evening, Material Wrld and Vênsette hosted our clients and friends for a summer party featuring makeovers, shopping, and a special guest presentation by personal branding expert, Jacqueline Peros.

Though you might have missed the big event, we wanted to bring a little of Jacqueline’s expertise to you today…so we sat down for a little advice, Material Wrld style. 
MW: How would you describe yourself and your expertise?
JP: I think my Twitter bio sums it up.Personal branding strategist | Prepares tech businesses for success | Upholder of civility & manners | Supporter of inspiring non-profits | Novice baker

MW:What’s the key thing that people don’t leverage when thinking about their personal brand? 
JP: Their personality.  Many people try to conform to certain standards they think are more acceptable. However, if you are authentic in everything you do people will gravitate towards you and those that don’t, well that’s OK. You can’t be all things to all people. Creating a strong personal brand is being true to who you are and expressing your authentic self at all times. 

MW: What social networking site do you find the most powerful and why?
JP: I find Twitter to be the most powerful (with LinkedIn and Google+ tied for 2nd place). I have made some great business connections on Twitter.  Moreover, their list function enables me to categorize my connections and then when I have downtime I read and share their insights. It’s a great way to build rapport with your followers and gain credibility for your area of expertise.  

MW: Give us three tips for making a perfect first impression:
JP: Aside from the obvious of dressing fabulously, these tips will ensure a positive first impression.  
1. Smile!  It’s amazing to me how many people don’t smile when you first meet them. A smile is a great way to put everyone at ease and build better rapport. 
2. Have a firm handshake. This is especially important for women because most think its better to give the “dainty” handshake so they don’t come off as too overpowering.  Giving a firm handshake demonstrates your self-confidence.  90% of the time when I meet a male business professional he will positively comment on my handshake. I think when they see a petite woman such as myself they feel I’ll automatically give the “dainty” shake. :)   
3. Be present. We are so easily distracted by our phones and thoughts that we forget to stop and be in the moment. If you are meeting someone for the first time be present and engaged. 

MW: You have coined the phrase, “Digital Dress Code”. Can you explain that to our readers?

JP: Digital dress code is your online presence and reputation. It’s how you express yourself online which directly impacts your personal brand and how others perceive you. 

Your digital dress code encompasses everything from how you communicate via email, your LinkedIn profile, photos you share, blogs you write, comments you make, tweets and Facebook posts, and brands you endorse.  We work hard to control our brand in the offline world by the way we dress, where we shop, the way we interact with others, invitations we accept, etc. and this needs to translate consistently and authentically to your digital brand. 


MW: How do you unwind and relax after a long day working with clients?  
JP: I absolutely love reading mystery novels!  I’m also getting back into cooking and baking. When I was a child I used to decorate cakes but life gets in the way and you find yourself getting away from the things you enjoy. This year I’ve made a conscious effort to tap into my creative side through cooking old family recipes and baking.  I’m really enjoying it!
Visit Material Wrld, Vensette, and Jacqueline’s site to perfect your real-life and digital personal brand and style. 
July 28, 2014 You’re Cordially Invited…


It’s never too late in the season for a full fashion and beauty refresher…that’s why we at Material Wrld cordially invite you to an essential event tomorrow evening.

Celebrate with Material Wrld and Vênsette and indulge in some designer fashions (did we mention that they are up to 90% off retail prices?), complimentary makeovers, and summery refreshments.

To sweeten the evening, come meet Jacqueline Peros for a personal branding seminar, "What’s In Your Digital Closet?". Shopping, beauty, and solid advice on your personal brand…does it get better than that?

We didn’t think so. Find out more and RSVP HERE. 

July 23, 2014 MW Snapshot: Current Elliot


Who doesn’t love to slip on the perfectly worn pair of denim shorts to embrace the casual summer spirit? Well, a few very fashionable clients of ours sent in these fabulous denim finds from Current Elliot. And they just happen to be one of the hottest brands in contemporary wear right now, so trade-in values were sky-high for these delightful pieces. 

The total trade-in value for these Current Elliot bottoms would be $160 in instant shopping funds. 

It’s time to revamp your closet ASAP. Request a Material Wrld kit for yourself!

July 21, 2014 MW Traveller: Our Top 4 Picks in New Orleans

There’s no place more committed to fun than New Orleans, but today, we’re highlighting that NOLA isn’t all hurricane cocktails and benigets. There’s serious shopping to be had!

Take a peek at our 3 favorite NOLA shopping destinations and our favorite spot to have a lunch break:


Angelique Clothing

Brand Favorites: ALC, DVF, and Vince

MW Insider Tip: What’s better than combining the trifecta of clothes, shoes, and beauty in one place? Not only does Angelique stock the hottest designers (both clothing and shoes), but they also feature the Tisa Beauty Bar, conveniently located in the middle of the store. Now there’s some major relaxation. 

Where: 7725 Maple St New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 866-1092



Brand Favorites: Tibi, Milly, and Trina Turk 

MW Insider Tip: Azby’s not only is a destination of its own right, it also lives on one the most fashionable streets in NOLA. Check out the rest of Magazine St. while you pop into this fabulously chic shop. 

Where: 5531 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70115 (504)-895-1311


Haute Women’s Boutique

Brand Favorites: Theory, Clover Canyon, and Mara Hoffman

MW Insider Tip: Pick up a couple pieces of custom jewelry from owner Sanja’s native country of Bosnia while you’re shopping the ultimate in designer fashions. 

Where: 725 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 522-8687


Commander’s Place

Menu Favorites: Bread Pudding Souffle, Fried Pork Belly, and the Turtle Soup

MW Insider Tip: We here at Material Wrld always love a good deal…especially when it clears up shopping funds. Our favorite thing about Commander’s Place is their daily 25 cent martini lunch. Yes, you heard that right. We think that in and of itself might be worth the plane ticket to NOLA. 

Where: 1403 Washington Ave New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 899-8221

Find out more about Material Wrld, HERE.