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April 23, 2013 6 notes Going Public


Back in 2006, there was almost nothing available online about fashion PR - if an agency had a website (which in itself was a rare occurrence), it was oftentimes just a splash page with a phone number on it.

Until Crosby Noricks founded PR Couture with one goal in mind: to give a voice to the people working in the industry and to let them connect and learn from one another.

Fashion PR as offers a pretty unique opportunity to not only be creative and work alongside other creatives, but to positively impact a brand or designer’s business success,” said Crosby. “The ongoing challenge and opportunity to both secure media coverage and support the ongoing evolution of a brand is an ongoing place of inspiration for me.”

"PR Couture has opened so many doors - from professional opportunities to some of my best friendships," said Crosby. "It’s increased my confidence, as an entrepreneur, marketing strategist and writer, and provided many gratifying opportunities to help others on their career path."

"In terms of my style, I’ve discovered so many independent designers, boutiques and brands through stories for PR Couture which have definitely impacted how I have transitioned into my early 30 wardrobe," she said. "I’m often inspired by silhouettes from the 1940s with a bit of South American panache.”

"The perception that fashion PR is one big party is definitely the biggest stereotype - and with it the assumption that those who work in it are only interested in the bright lights and swag," said Crosby. "Some of the most hard-working, innovative and caring people I know are fashion publicists who truly see their role as facilitating great success for their clients, while staying firmly out of the spotlight."

"For some reason fashion careers are often dismissed," said Crosby. "I wish more people (and aspiring fashion PR’s) understood just how much strategy, risk and business accumen goes into public relations."

Show the fashion PR ladies - and Crosby! - and their wardrobes some love on their closet series on Material Wrld. There’s no better way to appreciate their hard work.

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